Top Chef here we come!


Audrey’s party was a blast! As Audrey’s 10th birthday approached she decided to host a Top Chef themed birthday party with drawing knives, quickfire challenges, and pizza making. Lie Family tradition has it that on your tenth birthday you get your ears pierced and a short trip anywhere with mom. Audrey wanted to host a last birthday party in Chicago but we made a compromise to go without gifts because of the gifts given in the tradition. So each kid brought canned goods for the Common Pantry and came to have fun!

We started with the gummy bear game and then the kids made their own spice mix. We went to the Spice House last week to look at pizza spices and bought all of the ingredients instead to make it more interactive. Each child had their own spice jar labeled with Audrey’s Sweet and Sassy Pizza Sauce. Then we created another spice mix for the cheese spice in the pizza. Last, the kids rolled out their own fresh pizza dough from Trader Joes. It was great and tasted really fresh. Then they topped their own pizza outside on the table with salami, cheese, ham, and their own spice mix. We shoved those in the oven at 400 degrees and let the kids play. As the pizza came out one by one all of the kids were proud of their own and loved how they made it themselves. Finally, the kids “drew knives” to see who their team members were for the final activity. They had 3 minutes to plan their own creative, tasty, and interesting ice cream sundae. When the whistle was blown, everyone rushed to the table and grabbed the licorice, ice cream, bowls, oreos, and more. After 10 minutes my friend and I judged the ice cream without knowing whose each was. We rated Most Creative, Best Presentation, and Great Tasting. After that the kids left with their spice jars and the party was over. We had tons of fun!


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  1. Now you have me craving pizza and ice cream! I bet it was a lot of fun and everything tasted great!
    If anyone doesnt know this Audrey and I were born on the same day June 2nd!!!!

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