I know I know… another  Millennium Park entry. However, this one was one to remember because of its crazy weather. We went to REI to buy sunglasses for the trip and then headed for a concert called “Music without Borders” which had African and Brazilian music and more. The sky was overcast and was threatening a storm but the grass filled up with people anyway. We enjoyed the music and watched the sky grow darker and darker. At one point the horizon was lit up with light and beautiful. However, the sky overhead was dark grey, which created a cool lighting effect according to a friend of ours from Germany. He is a photographer and was in the US to document the Race across America. Anyway, it started drizzling and we just got under our picnic blanket until it blew over. Then we danced some more: my mom insisted bringing my friend and I to the front where people were dancing to Brazilian music. He is from Brazil so we danced to some songs and went back to the picnic. It was a lot of fun!

Just as the band was saying that they loved Chicago and would come again a crack of very close and loud thunder seemed to erupt from the sky. In unison everyone screamed and ran. It started pouring and pouring. We all ran, tried to stay together, not fall over, and not lose anything either. The gray street, rain, and dark sky all blended together until you couldn’t see anything. We ran straight into the horizontal rain. The streets looked like the dunes in the sand. Rain sweeped in gusts across the streets like sand dunes change in the wind. We are members at the University Club of Chicago so we were running in that direction. Usually there is one street to cross. With our luck it was shut off so we had to wait for the light to turn green 3 times and run across the very slippery and dangerous street blind. In the mean time, it had started hailing pieces of ice the size of small peas. We were almost frozen because of the wind and cold rain. We finally made it to the U Club and tried to wring our clothes out as everyone stared at us. At last our car arrived and we squeaked into the car and watched the skyline illuminate against the cracks of lightning. On Lake Shore Drive we watched the lightning in the water illuminate that too so that you could see the wild waves against the black sky. It was amazing!

Even though it seemed like an undesirable experience it was definitely one I am glad to have had because it was such a cool natural spectacle. And one I won’t forget. It was amazing!


About One World, 4 Girls

Hello! My name is Lillian and my family of 6 took a trip around the world for 8 months. I used my blog to document the places we visited, pictures, and my thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Check it out to read about our travels and follow us as we find our new place in the world and experience where life will take us next!

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  1. That kid in the white shirt looks a lot like me in that vide…wait it was me hail size of golfballs and when it all ws over it looked like i took i shower.
    That was a day that i will never forget

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