Little things in life…


Sometimes I think “Oh, I should blog about that!” Except then life crashes over you like a wave and all of a sudden you are swept away… So now, if you don’t mind, I am writing about those little things in one whole post rather than a bunch of small posts.

A couple of days ago my mom, Audrey, Emilia, and I went to Nano Sushi as a little treat. Josephine was at a friend’s house and my dad was at work. They had a great menu with impressive prices. The lunch special was $6.50 for an appetizer, soup, and entrée! Everything from the decor to the plates was modern and sophisticated.

Yesterday (if you are wondering and think it’s going in chronological order: it’s not, it’s completely random since I have a completely random mind). As I was saying, yesterday, I went to see a production done by the Looking Glass Lab in the actual old Water Tower in which a friend of mine played. It’s a camp where the children write, produce, and act a presentation based around the theme they are given. This year it was Immigration and they did a fantastic job!  It was heart wrenching and created real-life situations that really do happen way too many times. I thought it was great for kids to shape their own masterpiece and be creative, especially because kids 6-11 now spend on average 28 hours a week in front of the TV! That’s 4 hours a day! Craziness…

Recently my sisters have been obsessed with an app called “Globe Tripper”. It’s a really cool app where you visit countries and then answer questions. You earn money with right questions and then based on how much money you have you can travel the globe to different countries, like our trip. There are more things like souvenirs and your traveling status. This is a great educational and fun app.

After that bit of randomness… I wish everybody a happy rest of the week!


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Hello! My name is Lillian and my family of 6 took a trip around the world for 8 months. I used my blog to document the places we visited, pictures, and my thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Check it out to read about our travels and follow us as we find our new place in the world and experience where life will take us next!

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