Chaos Ensues!


If you are by any chance wondering why I have not posted a post lately, it is because chaos is ensuing in our entire family! Last weekend my family and I took a 5-day vacation to Harbor Springs, Michigan which is so far up there it is about a 1/2 hour away from Mackinac Island. My dad sailed in the U Gotta Regatta with his team Bretwalda and we met people my parents hadn’t seen in 10 years! After that we drove to Elk Lake around the same area where good friends of ours stay during their summers. Their grandma has a beautiful garden and house right on the lake. We went tubing, fishing, water-skiing, and played endless games of cheat-and-seek (a cheating version of hide-and-seek). There were 9 kids (2 boys my age, 2 boys Audrey’s age, and Asher who is 6) so you can imagine what a time we had… The adults had a blast too as far as I know (More pictures are to come).

Reality check!!! We came home early because of orders that needed to be filled for KinderCone. After 7 hours in the car my mom and I jumped out, ran to the warehouse, and filled orders before USPS and FedEx closed. After that my mom started obsessively packing the house together saying she couldn’t sit down or she would pass out. It was a long day… The next day was even longer. I packed around 30 orders and then we packed the house up by sorting everything. The next day we moved. I feel like I’m not explaining how this actually happened because it sounds so incredibly simple like that. It’s not! Everything we now own is in a 10 x 15 storage unit or in our car. We are sleeping with friends until our new apartment allows us in.. which is the 11th. So we are homeless (and bad at it). After 3 weeks in our new apartment we’re off to Switzerland. And chaos will probably ensue some more…


About One World, 4 Girls

Hello! My name is Lillian and my family of 6 took a trip around the world for 8 months. I used my blog to document the places we visited, pictures, and my thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Check it out to read about our travels and follow us as we find our new place in the world and experience where life will take us next!

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  1. You sound very very busy! Everything will get done and everything will be packed. It has to, right?!
    Glad you had a nice trip up North and got to relax a little before the chaos started.
    We are getting ready to move here too. I have packed one box so far. We move the 24th and will arrive in Bellinham, WA on the 26th. Wish us luck on our road trip.
    You should post your itinerary so we can follow you around – or meet up with you somewhere in Europe! 🙂
    Love, Tante Natasha, Oom Chris, and Jack!

    • Thank you… you are absolutely right! Moving is such a pain until it is over and then you can just sit back and realize that you did it!!! Good luck with everything.. especially packing! You can do it!!!!! And of course.. good luck on the road trip. Bellingham will be so beautiful you are so lucky 🙂 Have fun on all of your runs and the different scenary where no one will bat an eye at you excercising 🙂
      That is a great idea! After all plans are finished I’ll probably do that 🙂
      (say hi to everyone for me)

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