KinderCones advance!


KinderCone season is at it’s peak at this time of year! Now that we are settled into our new apartment (for only about 20 more days!), KinderCone is receiving our full attention at last… And a lot of attention at that! Lately, our bad days have been replaced with good ones especially for our sales and publicity. As I juggle more and more orders, my mom received great publicity from the Chicago Tribune.,0,40234.story. We also had a little event for the organization called School Cones for Japan. A young employee of DHL started this in hopes that he could get a couple of companies to donate their goods and brighten the first day of school for many children who have lost their schools and much more. Herlitz donated 1,000 cones for the first day of school and DHL is doing the shipping for free. We had little KinderCone event at the German School Chicago and colored our craft cones. The bigger kids also wrote letters wishing them a fun year. A camera man came and shot some footage and soon enough we were on tv!
See if you recognize anybody!

Fox News at 9:×230876.htm

NBC5 at 6:×230856.htm

We also paid another visit to the charming shop Leoleno for a workshop. Kids made their own little KinderCones and stayed to hear the book “It’s Off to School We Go!”, which explains the different traditions all around the world. KinderCone is definitely making headway… shown by the pile of orders waiting for me tomorrow which have accumalated over the weekend!

The School Cones for Japan embark!



About One World, 4 Girls

Hello! My name is Lillian and my family of 6 took a trip around the world for 8 months. I used my blog to document the places we visited, pictures, and my thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Check it out to read about our travels and follow us as we find our new place in the world and experience where life will take us next!

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  1. Go KinderCones!!! You guys should be proud of yourselves! Can’t believe you’ll be leaving so soon now; Hello World!
    Happy start of (home) school to your sisters and you 🙂
    Love, Tante Anja

    • Thank you so much 🙂 Say hello to everyone for us.. and a great school year too! My mom’s new little idea for our schooling is to call it “roadschooling” (I think that’s a great way to explain it)
      I hope everybody is enjoying the last of summer!
      Love, Lillian

  2. All that publicity sounds great! I hope these last two weeks go smoothly for Kindercone, your family, and everything else. You are on the verge of a great adventure. I look forward to hearing about all the fun and exciting new things you and your sisters will be doing. Good luck with everything.
    Our little adventure starts Wednesday morning. Three day road trip, third cross-country trip in 9 months. We are excited, nervous, and still packing!!
    Give everyone a hug for us.
    Love, Tante Natasha, Oom Chris, and Jack too.

    • Thank you so much 🙂 I’ll be sure to include many, many details of our journey ahead on this blog! Good luck with everything in your life as well… The next chapter for you guys lies ahead!
      Lillian (and everyone else)

  3. Lillian,
    Sorry I haven’t commented on your blog yet, my world has been a little crazy lately as I know yours is too! Congrats on all that great publicity for KinderCones!! You getting excited for your trip? I’m super excite for you all and sorta wish I could go too! But I’ll be going to Peru with Justin (remember FBI guy) in october so I’ll have to share pictures online so you all can see. Hope you are having a good wednesday, miss you all!

    Tante Ariadne

    • Tante Ariadne,
      I hope your world is a good kind of crazy 🙂 I know mine is.. I’m really excited for our trip; I packed my shared duffel today as a mock-pack to see if everything would fit.
      Have tons of fun in Peru with Justin! I’m excited for you guys 🙂
      We all miss you too,

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