Aaaaand off we go!


The school day started for others but we got last-minute things sorted out just as we had done all weekend (with some socializing included). My dad hit the main points in his blog but we also happened to have run through an insane rainstorm where we built my mom a contraption (if you can call it that) out of FedEx shipping pouches to keep her blow dried hair from getting wet. Oh, and Audrey and I received our yellow belts in Martial Arts!!! After visiting some more people and walking in Roscoe village we said some final goodbyes and drove to the airport with friends. About 8 hours in the plane and we landed in Zurich at 10 am (3 am in Chicago), ready for our adventure to begin!


The Sculpture Garden

FedEx pouches save the day!

At Bell on the first day

Sunset from the window seat

Now that we are in Zurich/Horgen, a lengthy blog all about it will soon follow 🙂


About One World, 4 Girls

Hello! My name is Lillian and my family of 6 took a trip around the world for 8 months. I used my blog to document the places we visited, pictures, and my thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Check it out to read about our travels and follow us as we find our new place in the world and experience where life will take us next!

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  1. Glad you arrived safely.
    Just finished running about 8 miles. Jack must miss you girls – he chewed up the carpeting in his room yesterday! I think he was worried about you. Went to the farmers’s market yesterday and a backcountry cooking class at REI.
    Anxiously awaiting more pictures.
    Say hello to everyone!
    Love, Tante Natasha, Oom Chris, and Jack

    • Thanks and congratulations! You’re definitely running the way to your goals 🙂 Tell Jack we are fine and we miss him, but it’s probably not a good idea to chew up the carpet… By the way, how’s your new house?
      Have fun in the new neighborhood,

  2. Zurich; are you ready? We’re sending you one of our most precious gifts; you better treat them right! Lillian and Co. let your adventures begin, we’ll be following it through your wonderful blog.
    Sending much love across the pond,
    Tante Anja, Oom Marc, Maja & Asia (fellow yellow belt holders)

    • Thanks 🙂 I think Zurich is being great to us, it’s very very beautiful with perfect weather 🙂 I hope u are having success with schooling (and martial arts)
      Lillian and Co.

  3. miss u soo much lillian!!!! i wish u were back already. but i rlly hpe ur having fun! c u when u get back (which is way 2 long) but i hope ur take it all in while u can bc not many of us will ever get 2. ilyaaf!
    Bronte :)/:(

  4. Just wanted to say I miss you! The school year’s really weird without you. We don’t have Bronte in Mr.B’s room, so it’s like our class has no smart people. Haha. Anywho, it’s quite noticeable that you’re gone. It just feels like we’re missing someone with sanity.

    Switzerland does sound like fun. When you think of where you want to go in Europe, everyone says London, Paris, etc… but actually, Switzerland looks pretty awesome. Enjoy it!

    Wow, a yellow belt. I remember when we were all working on our PSA’s and you were talking about your first class. It’s hard to believe it’s been 3 months. Really hard.

    Just a little update on Bell: (I’m pretending I have awesome things to say too) We have a new writing teacher. Ms. Smith, I think. I actually liked having Ms. Manuel teach us writing more than now. That says a lot. Maybe Bronte could tell you more about her, ‘cause I mainly tune out what she says. It’s pretty easy to do so. She’s teaching us the exact same stuff as last year. She even uses the same example stories.

    We have a new kid. Her name’s Diana. She speaks both French (Winning!)and Romanian, so we have a replacement bilingual kid. But she’s not as awesome as you. Other than that, we also have a new schedule. It’s crazy. We spend all the time with our math class. And our class has all the purple group ( last year’s yellow) so science and social studies are…interesting.

    Well, that’s all I can really say. You’re missed already, and it’s gonna be strange when all of us are confused in math and have no one to turn to. Take lots of pics for me, I’m super jealous, etc.. 🙂


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