Hiking to Monte Rosa!


A couple of days ago, actually a day after getting back from our round-trip through Italy, my great-aunt planned a hike across a mountain range. We woke up at 6 to get into the car at 7 and drive for an hour and 20 minutes to Monte Rosa, the 2 highest peak in Europe. We looked so tiny!! At around 8:20 we started our hike up the side of a mountain. The range was in a U shape, with the Monte Rosa at the bend and the town at the foot. We started up the side and walked along the mountains. Hiking is so exhausting partly because you are constantly going up and down and by the end of the day we had gained 650 elevated meters, which is around 2,132 feet!

Why does it seem so far away?

We're getting closer.. or so it seems

The 4 girls, mom, and Tante Dori

We almost got to the foot of the Monte Rosa, but then we walked across the U, and a glacier. The glacier was covered in rocks that have tumbled down the mountain range, but once in a while you could see the ice underneath. There was a sharp drop off where the water flowed into a river and you could see the layers of ice. If it weren’t for the huge mountains staring you in the face, I would have believed we were on Mars. It seemed like there just was hill after hill of rocks!

The glacier and its layers

The landscaping on Mars

After a while we did get to the street though, where we walked down to the little town where the 2 cars were parked. A good trick my great-aunt taught us was while going downhill, you have to turn out your feet a little to put less pressure on your knees. As we reached the car and had ice cream after 6 hours of hiking the amount we walked and the height we hiked still amazes us. As you squint up the mountainside with the sun in your face you still ask yourself “How on earth did I get up there?”


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  1. Awesome. Would have loved to hike up there with you! What an experience!!! Did Josephine do well too? Happy Travels. Love, Oma/Opa

  2. It sounds absolutely stunning! Maja, Asia and I did some mountain hiking as well this past weekend; on a whim we had flown to Colorado (it was a 4 day weekend from school) to visit our best friends, the Hansons and Tante Ariadne; hiked at Estes Park (Rocky Mountains) where we saw several herds of elk and Mt. Evans, where we experienced snow, thunder and making a snowman 🙂 Love to all of you!!! Tante Anja

  3. I think it was your Aunt Dori and your mom’s cousin who took us hiking in Tirol. I remember it was quite a hike and they taught us a lot about hiking. We were trying to find edelwiess. 🙂
    What an accomplishment and how fun to see a glacier. Hope you had some time to recouperate. I am sure the yoga helps.
    Hi to all.
    Love, Tante Natasha, Oom Chris, and Jack too

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