Life is very nice in Nice!


The city of Nice is named very well: everything in Nice is nice! We arrived in the train station to my dad’s aunt and uncle who are being very nice and letting us stay with them in their house. After switching trains approximately 4 times, including the bus, we were pretty tired and it was too late to see anything so we left all of that for the next day.

Here is a small video of our first day in Nice, courtesy of Mama!

The next day was just as beautiful. We have been very lucky with the weather so far; almost every day on our trip has treated us with blue skies and comfortable temperatures. We did most of the same: walking up and down the cobblestone streets and looking at the view of the Cote d’Azur. The beaches were as rocky as ever and the waves just as big. Life is simple and relaxing…

Uno on the beach

Mama and Papa

On our last day we took a bus and tiny old rickety train to Entrevaux, a small village with a big fortress on top of the hill. If you couldn’t see the satellite dishes you would believe it was still running like it did hundreds of years ago! We walked up to the fortress (this took a while) while my dad poked his head out of every little hole in the wall to take a picture. We arrived at the fortress! You could see the old prisons, which weren’t very nice, and where the knights and guards slept, which was like a dorm. The officers had it nicer though: they had fireplaces and hooks to put their coats on, which were still there. Papa, Audrey, Emilia, and I had the nerve to descend into the dungeons with long steel ladders. It was scary: there was rock protruding from everywhere, no walls just holes to squeeze through, and dust and spiderwebs everywhere. I have no idea how they fit actual people in that amount of space. After getting out of there we poked around and observed small little details that paint a picture of how life was like. After walking across the old drawbridge we walked all the way down again!

 Entrevaux and my 3 sisters

The dungeons.....

Today we meant to depart Nice, but since transportation unions in France are striking we are staying one more day and doing some homeschooling. Sometimes you have to be flexible and let the nice things come to you!


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  1. Great pictures Lillian, Say hello to T. Yout and O. Joost. Glad you guys are doing well, bon voyage to your next destination, I leave for Peru in one week!! can’t wait but I wont’ have a blog up like you. i’ll send pics though when i get back!! miss u guys

  2. Dear Lillian, wonderful reporting as usual. No need for you to kiss the Blarney Stone, you already have the gift of storytelling.

    Write a lot more, only in writing will you hone your craft. Keep a diary and don’t share it. Blogs are great, yet innately public. Your observations should have a raw file: with your ideas and reflections all your own. Will see you in Spain soon. Much love, Tante Dishda.


  3. Couldn’t watch the video – was blocked for copyright reasons?!?
    Pictures are great. Dungeon looks scary. But glad you are experiencing everything you can. We are watching the Tigers try to beat the Texans and move on to the World Series. Also Lions beat the Bears in Monday Night Football. Big week for Detroit sports.
    Hope you are on your way to Barcelona. Be sure to see all the cool Gaudi places and all the Goya paintings you can. Will you be able to go to Madrid? If so you have to see Picasso’s Guernica. Oom Chris saw it a long time ago and said it is HUGE. Have fun and eat lots of tapas.
    Love, Tante Natasha, Oom Chris, and Jack too.

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