When one year ends, another begins!


To everyone following the normal calendar, I wish you a Happy New Year! I hope the next year brings you happiness!

Zipping into the new year!

Just to fill in the long blank period between Berlin and now Duesseldorf (soon to be Bangkok): The schedule was filled with a lot of homeschooling, visiting friends, family, people we hadn’t seen in ages, and many things you would do at home: go grocery shopping, wish for snow, and clean the apartment. We had a wonderful Christmas together with family and friends and I wish everyone happy holidays. According to my mother, the holiday season is officially over January 6, which is when we stop playing the Christmas music.

To look back upon the year 2011: A year ago we were in San Francisco with our cousins and celebrated midnight in New York, having a plane to catch on the first. We have a plane to catch on Jan 1 this year as well, although not home to Chicago. As most other people, we returned to school and the winter. As the summer rolled around (there isn’t a real spring in Chicago, more like a season that peeks its head out once and a while and then ultimately hands itself over to summer), we made our decision to take this trip. Planning and endless decisions followed and on September 6, we left for Zurich. What followed was a whirlwind of experiences, photos, and memories that are sure to continue.

For this next year 2012, endless forks in the path are planned. We are departing for Bangkok on the first of January, ready to start the new year in the tropical heat and some culture-shock. From there we plan to take the freedom of time and explore South-East Asia thoroughly. End of May / beginning of June we are planning on returning to Chicago with a flight we haven’t booked. The t0-d0 list there includes choosing our next place to live and finding my father a job, among other, less-important matters. As the next school year begins, we hope to be in our next spot, adapting to our new home. On New Year’s Eve of 2012 I don’t know where we’ll be or how we got there; I will let time just keep going by and we’ll see!

Dreaming of Bali


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  1. Happy New Year,too!
    We half-expected a call from Germany, but then I had to remind Oma that you all are/were in transit to the Far East! Hope you had a safe and seamless journey! (Did you store your cold weather clothes in Germany?)
    Be sure to ring in the Chinese New Year of the Dragon on January 23rd. Although, I am not sure if the neighboring countries make it a major celebration as the traditional Chinese do. Be sure to let us know…I usually go to the kids’ school and do a little explanation of Chinese New Year-do you think Greta would be embarrassed if I came dressed as a lion and danced a Lion Dance?!
    Christmas here went well; no snow, but lots of family time( Zealand and Amstel are too cute!) and lego-building and Catan playing. And, of course, food, glorious food! I did not ring in the New Year with a run, but Tante Natasha ran a Resolution Run to kick off the year.
    Take care and be safe,
    Tante Tamara

    • Happy New Year! I’m glad the family has had a great time. We missed you! We did store our winter clothes in Germany, with my uncle and aunt. It has been a ring around the rosy with all of our luggage. We now have only 3 half-filled bags for the warm climate. It is beautiful in Thailand. We miss you all Lillian

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