Stay Happy


Life travels by so fast… I realize now as I write this that everything I worry about one moment is suddenly unimportant the next. Is life merely a flashing of images and moment after moment? Is there nothing that carries us from one moment to the next, that is constant throughout and forever? Perhaps that’s why relationships are so important to us. On a different reflective tone…

Chicago as a Family

My International Baccaleureate program is going very well; today I just recently finished mid-terms exams and am finally relaxing with a bowl of ramen noodle and a computer (all you need for college right?). My travels have not flown entirely from my memory; the thousand years of European history we have covered pull the memories back from the jumble of my brain, which is currently filled with bits of Shakespeare sonnets and facts about what happens in the thylakoid of a chloroplast.

On top of the world!

I’ve realized to an even greater extent than while I was traveling that travel has broadened my view incredibly. As the list of countries I’ve been to lengthens, so does the one of my “go-to” places! I’d like to grab a sail-boat and sail the Mediterranean, visit India, South-America, or buy a Range-Rover and drive around Africa (the last one was my father’s wish). It is a truly wonderful and enlightening experience to be exposed to others, to other people and cultures. There is a realization that the world is so large, that you are merely a speck, and that everybody in each of your memorable pictures is not only a frozen photo but is living their own life as you speak. Maybe that’s what makes everything in life seem so trivial once you sit back and watch the world carry on around you.

September brought the CPS strike, October a family wedding, November a hostful of birthdays, and December a quiet holiday with family.


In January I sat down in between a number of other activities and quickly scrawled down a new year’s resolution: stay happy. Of all things, I am not sure why I chose that one… I have realized that I don’t need to worry as much as I do, not only about small things in school, but also about our future in Germany. Life changes. That’s what makes it unexpected, exciting, emotional even. But as long as I try stay happy, I think my life will be a good one, one that makes a difference, and one that is simply happy, regardless of how it plays out…

Fall in Petosky

Jumping towards the future...

Jumping towards the future…

Remember – smile! 🙂


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  1. Dear Niece: I have much appreciated your posting, as it indeed indicates the musings of a very strong and most intelligent mind. Yes, we as humans are but a speck of dirt and so much aware of how thin our thread can be. Thus, religions evolved in order to make this loss of innocence acceptable to many people. And in our, so very connected world, the choices become ever more bewildering. In moments of confusion, I can merely recommend Mozart. He died so young and wrote such lovely and loving music: Yes, we all are just a grain of sand, but it took hundreds of generations to create just us and grant us the privilege of life. Nothing is certain, yet the knowledge and understanding of this fact also grants us much freedom. You are a strong and absolutely wonderful person, so much loved and cherished by your parents and your sisters. This, I can assure you, is a privilege not necessarily enjoyed by many children. Including your mother. Be patient and remain brilliant and all will be well. You cannot fail and you will succeed in any undertaking that you wish to pursue. Much Love, Dishda

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