Berlin: Take Two


During second period at my high school, I finally find the courage to reopen the dashboard of this blog and attempt to re-discover  that love of writing I have learned to have over the course of my trip (after finishing my scientific paper of course). I should blog more often… There is always a multitude to write about; like life, most of the thoughts that fill my head are random and therefore plentiful. But I never know if it is something that interests others. When put next to the posts about our travels and the beautiful places and people my family has seen, stress about various school projects seem inadequate and petty.  Maybe I should put that notion aside and write about anything and everything for myself. There is a certain satisfaction that is solely derived from the pressing of the blue button with which Wordpress provides me. “Publish.”

Among the latest things that are on my mind, our imminent move to Berlin (Take Two) is first and foremost. Tickets are booked for June 3rd, 2013 and the container ship has already stolen away all of our earthly possesions. My apartment smells the same way it did before we moved in. In fact, I’m pretty sure a smell should be assigned to the smell of an empty house. It is both reminiscent, nostalgic, and purely sad, with an air of excitement and new beginnings. It smells like the closing of a door just as another one is opening.

Final Days in Chicago1 Final Days in Chicago21

Our last piano recital - I miss my piano already.

Our last piano recital – I already miss my piano and my wonderful piano teacher (pictured above).

Now more than ever I appreciate the luck that has befallen me here in Chicago. The IB education has proven to be enlightening and influencial and has made my prespective on learning and literature change tremendously. The teachers have been immensely supportive. I have found a new family here with kids that are so different from each other and yet all get along. I will miss them more than anything and this time around, I am truly leaving more than I thought I would ever have.

A surprise going away party... :)

A surprise going away party… 🙂

Providing me with their true friendship, I’ve received so much support from everyone and I know that those I have truly bonded with I will continue to be in touch with. I don’t worry too much about finding friends in Berlin. A good friend who spent a couple of years in Berlin informed me that although the people there aren’t as warm, once they are friends they are family. I guess I will have two families now.

As my last day of school progresses (I am writing during second period once more), I continually remind myeself that although this move is a new beginning, it is not the end to this.

Final Days in Chicago41


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  1. Dear Lillian,

    Another wonderful post and welcome to the birthplace of your mother!

    You will find a colorful and ever-changing kaleidoscope in your new life, bursting with images and experiences. Not everything might seem lovely in the beginning, some challenges and adaptation await you and your family in a place as bustling and constantly reinventing as your novel zip code. Yet your mindset is brilliant and your first middle name is one to carry proudly and rightly so.

    Up- and re-rooting is never an easy decision to make (and most certainly not for your parents), yet what defines us as continuously evolving human beings is the willingness to adapt, learn and the capacity to harbor dear memories of people and places, while also moving forward. Keep writing, please do, and share your impressions, the good, bad, ugly and glorious, with all those who love you. And those are many. You carry the Aja-gene, I’m certain of that.

    Best and until soon,


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