It’s official – we are Berliners!

It’s official – we are Berliners!

A couple of days ago we happily celebrated my mother’s birthday. The number attached will remain confidential. However, age is just a number. I may not see this the same way when I am older, but I think this somehow will still hold true. Age, like time, is a perception, created by our own minds. Some people age much faster, and some are still a kid when they turn 30. My mother says I’ve been 21 since I turned 11… Maybe that’s why those years all seem the same to me when I reflect upon my maturity. When you think about the whole wide world and all there is to see, I know that with more age comes more experience, and thereby more life.

Mama's Birthday27

After only 9 days here in Germany, we have already gotten pretty far. We are now officially living here, in case you didn’t know already, according to the Bürgeramt. Our German passports now display Berlin as “Place of Residence”, Chicago crossed off viciously and orderly with permanent marker. Not only have we registered ourselves with the German state in an efficient German manner, but also managed to find an apartment for a price that is, as the broker stated, “just not found anymore”. He also shared with us that he recommended us to the owner as future renters, because of our likeable nature and because, as he confidently shared with us, Asians are always the best renters anyway. We found that last bit to be hilarious. It is large enough, in a beautiful old building, and has a character that really suits us. It is close to the school that we signed the little ones up to, which is complete with ponies thrice a week and bunnies to take care of, and close to mine as well. The Cecilien Grundschule, which Emilia and Josephine are attending, apart from having ponies and bunnies, is a great school with a quality education, and its Schwerpunkt, or focus, is reading and promoting peace and responsibility, hence the ponies. Emilia, who would become engrossed in any book you give her, almost got left behind in our tour of the library. It is an all-day elementary school (until 1600), so their schedule encompasses a lot of free-time in-between instruction time. Not only that, but the playground across the plaza is stellar. 🙂

Taking a small break as the adults sign the rent contract...

Taking a small break as the adults sign the rent contract…

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At 9 days in, we’ve made quite a lot of headway in the official world of registering and final decisions. A family friend jokes that at this rate, in 2 weeks my mom will be running for mayor. Maybe one day, but currently all of our belongings, still in the middle of the Atlantic, will provide enough stress when they arrive and we try to help the movers bring them up 4 flights of stairs. Until then, we’ll let time catch up with our thoughts and preparations.

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It's a dog's world in Berlin... check out my father's blog to see how our new dog, Duke, is becoming a true Berliner!

It’s a dog’s world in Berlin… check out my father’s blog to see how our new dog, Duke, is becoming a true Berliner!


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