KinderCone is my mom’s company. It is a German tradition to give your child a big cone full of candy, school supplies, and presents on their first day of first grade. When I went into first grade my mom couldn’t allow me to go without a “Schultuete” so she made one and also decided to start her own company.

Today, I am her assistant and fulfill all of her orders. This year we have expanded to more editions, cone designs, and school supplies. So this summer I will be spending my time in the warehouse (sort of – it’s not really a warehouse, we just call it that because it holds all of our merchandise) fulfilling orders from all over the country.

 My mom decided to sell them empty or filled with either a First Grade Edition, an Artist Edition, or a Writer’s Edition. You can get a KinderCone for all ages and grades filled with school supplies that are high quality. Visit to check it out!


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