My blog, One World, 4 Girls, is based around a trip my family is taking throughout (and around) the world. After working many years for a bank and selling foreclosed buildings, my dad was aching for a change. My mom was also aching for a change during the 7th Chicago winter we were weathering through. The radical idea of a trip around the world (my mom) was introduced and met with a “have you lost it?” (my dad). But soon we warmed up to the idea in the -5 degree weather. My parents read through books and books about the Italian lakes, Indonesia, Paris, and Vietnam. Once an “if” is put in front of every sentence about which countries, when, and with whom…the dreams and imaginations are too real to be cast away.
We departed from Chicago on September 6th, 2011 for Zurich, Switzerland with 4 pieces of luggage and 6 backpacks for my family: 3 younger sisters, my parents, and me. Our current itinerary stands (roughly) at Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Germany and surrounding relatives, then southeast Asia… Think Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and possibly China and Australia! Check out the home page of my blog to see where we are currently!


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  1. Van harte gefeliciteerd voor de twee jarige jetten!! That’s for Fortgeschrittene, but anyway 🙂 So funny you found HEMA in Paris, sounds like it’s the same one you’ll find everywhere in Holland, kind of the homeland of the dutch. If HEMA doesn’t have it, it’s not worth while.
    Don’t forget to try poffertjes, pannekoeken (better at someone’s home than the heavy ones in the restaurants) hagelslag (each and every kind please), Haagsche hopjes and koekjes (van stroopwafels tot bokkepootjes). If you get to The Hague, go see Madurodam: the whole country in miniature, Max loved it!

  2. The Berlin report is so vivid. I could get a clear picture of the city, I never visited. Why couldnt Audrey go to the Unddrground Memorial and you could? Or was this an executive decision? Love and hugs, Oma.

    • Thank you.. Before we went in there was a nice man informing us that the underground memorial was recommended for people 14 and up, so Mama and Papa decided to split us up for a while. Love and hugs as well and Merry Christmas, Lillian

  3. I love your blog! I can’t believe that you are writing it (I thought it was your mom’s voice) … and I hope you’ll do something with your talent as a writer/photographer in your career. Are you being home-schooled on the road?? Just a really beautiful site … and maybe you’ll like mine, too! — Bon voyage!!!

    • Thank you! I am actually writing a book on the road, so maybe I will start a writing career early!
      Yes, we are being homeschooled, and once in a while we took long-time breaks, like 3 weeks in a tiny town in Spain, to homeschool, but currently we are in the last 4 weeks, and it is intense and constant traveling so we are not doing that as regularly – however, you learn so much on the road!
      Your blog and cause is really inspiring! Good luck!

    • Thank you very much!
      I really appreciate my parent’s decision to take us around the world we learned so much… I’m actually one of the four girls – the oldest one. I am 14 now but I turned 13 during the trip, which was now a year ago. It is crazy how time flies….
      Thanks for following!

  4. Wow, well then… that is even more inspiring!! 😀 Congratulations Lillian! You are a very talented and intelligent young girl and you write beautifully ! You’ve created a wonderful blog with purpose and meaning and I wish you and your family to continue fulfilling your dreams! Keep smiling 🙂

    • Thank you very much!
      Your interest in my blog, which has lately been dormant as we juggle everything that comes with a new move (which I also still have to write about) is inspiring me to start writing again on this blog I’ve built to share my life and thoughts with readers… Thank you!
      Lillian 🙂

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